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Hammerschloss Röthenbach

Our Kate`s Cottage Restaurant

Step in and relax, in a warm and cozy atmosphere with tasty fresh Food, lovely Drinks and friendly english speaking Service.

We will make your day!

Our Kitchen is well known for great Irish and German specalities

We serve a la carte dishes, 3 and 5 course Candle-light-Dinner and bavarian Specialties.

Surely all dishes are just cooked with the best of fresh Products.

 We dont serve fast Food, we serve fresh Food as fast as possible

Because of the layout of the different tables we have the perfect solution for every event.

From the planning for your business party, to your anniversary,  to your birthday party or a night out with friends.

We make every dream come true.

A perfect Dinner. From your decoration wishes to your dishes.

A Buffet or a la carte courses, come to us and tell us what you want.

And we will make it happen


Week Specials

Monday- Start fit into your week              all Salads just  4,90€

Tuesday-Noodle day    all Noodle dishes just 4,90€

    Wednesday- Flammkuchen Day    all Flammkuchen just 4,90€

    Thursday-Schnitzel Day   all Schnitzel just 5,90€

    Friday- Irish  Kate`s Irish Stew just 4,90€

    Saturday-Steaks   all Steaks just 16,90€