History of the " Güld`nen Krone"

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Once upon a time there was the Story of the „ Güld‘nen Krone“. In the year 1474 the owner was Christine Gottfriedin, she is with the golden Crown in the Courtfiles of the city archivs from Amberg. Because she made a request for Taxrelease to the Crowncount from Heidelberg and it was her allowed.The House must have been in very bad condition in the end of the 16. Century, because in the old Building plan around 1590 it had to be rebuilt.

In the year 1598 the city made a form of Tafelwirtshäuser, that means highly recommended guest houses, in this list was also the „Goldnen Krone“.

In the year 1680 followed under the owner Nicolaus Segerer a complete renovation. From him was also the „Zinnern Willkommen“. You can look at it in the city museum of Amberg. It is  a jug where very important guests did drank from by their arrival. In it is also the name of the crown count engraved. And also the Name of „Augustus der Starke“ and the polnisch King.„Daß schier das Haus zu enge“ that means that the house was sometimes to small.

Till 1780 was probably the most important time of the golden Crown.In the beginning of the 19. Century it turned a melting pot of shaddy characters. It is report that, around this time, most guest were shipworkers, who travelled on the Vils( the river right next to the big church).So drunken fights and robbery was on the daily plan.

1898 where the Crown bought for 30.000 Goldmarks from Bartholomäus Schmidt and Jakob Weigl, including a lot of property in farming.Their children Magarete Weigl and Joseph Schmidt recieved it as a wedding present from their parents. They worked hard on the farming end but also created a new buisness part, the butcher shop. In the year 1936 their Son took over the buisness, as he died his wife Maria continued with the business. From her, her son Jakob Schmidt took over. He also had for a while the „Kas Hansl“, that was a very famous Restaurant in Amberg. Jakob sold the golden Crown to the irish man Raymond Grassick  in 2003. 

Ray started renovating on the 24. Of  December 2003. He brought everthing back to it‘s original. Because after some renovations over the years the „Goldnen Krone“ didn‘t look anymore how it looked once upon a time.On the 4 of August 2004 he opend  his Pub, called after his mother „Kate‘s Irish Pub“.He continued renovating  the Hotel and finished it on the 2. February 2006.

Yes it is a old house with a long history and long may it continue.......

I hope you like the results of the renovations I made

Yours sincerly Raymond Grassick

old golden Crown
Hotel zur gold`nen Krone